How I rate my books

Hey guys!

I thought that it might be a really great idea to let you guys in on how I rate the books that I review. I will also probably give half points for books that do not quite fall in one category or another.

5- Perfection in book form!

This book, oh this book! How do I love thee book, let me count the ways. This book would have everything that I love and I could not put it down for fear of not knowing what is coming next. This will be a book that I will recommend the stew out of and probably re-read it until the spine falls apart (so the Harry Potter series which I have had to replace because I literally read them to death).

4- Great!

I really, really, really liked the majority of this book. There is probably some part whether it be the writing style, the choice of words, description, characters, etc. that bothered me in some way. Not enough to make me not like the book, but enough that I could not give it a perfect 5.

3- Ok!

The book has some really great qualities but is more than likely lacking in more than just a few areas. Whatever the problem is it did not make me hate the book but I will probably not recommend the book to anyone and will more than likely just forget about it in a few days. The story, the characters, the words do not resonate with me and do not leave me wanting more of the book.


2- Did not like!

This is a book that was probably just not my cup of tea. Whether that means that the writing was not to my liking, the storyline just did not intrigue me, or I just could not connect with the characters. It is not that the book itself is terrible it just did not give me the warm and fuzzies.

1- Terrible!

This is basically a book that the only reason I finished it was due to the fact that I bought it and I had a need to finish it. Reading it was a chore and I felt like I was wasting precious moments of my life on such a horrid work of literature. Afterwards I will either sell the book at Second & Charles or just give it away.

*I promise that I will not be too free with the 5 star rating for books and I will always explain what I did and did not like about said book. Also the 1 star rating will be reserved for truly terrible books which in my opinion are few and far between. Even if it is not my cup of tea surely there is something redeemable about the book.  

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