Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pay Day Bookhaul #3: Alternate title would be the video in which I introduce the concept of a Moose Stache


I am back with a huge book haul. I blame the combination of tax free weekend and the total lack of self control for the massiveness of this book haul. I think I probably broke some kind of record.

Also as a sort of plus to this little weekly thing that I do. I decided to show you guys some nerdy and somewhat non-book related items that I picked up. There is also some Moose Stache-ness going on (don't know what that is well then watch the whole video and you will find out my friends).

As usual please feel free to link up your own book haul post in the comments below, comment on the books and non-book stuffs that I picked up, and talk about the books. Because there are a lot of them and my TBR pile is out of control.

I look forward to hearing about what books you guys got this past weekend/week/month!

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