Friday, June 27, 2014

My favorite places to get books

Here is a list of my favorite places to get my beloved books:

1- I will always love Second & Charles which is a used bookstore that is only in certain parts of the country. They are really fantastic because I can sell them my unwanted books, movies, games, etc. in return for store credit which allows me to get some more books. Their prices are for the most part fair, however they do tend to mark up the books that they know are in high demand, luckily I am a very patient person and can wait to get the book at a cheaper price. This store is 10 minutes from my house and it is a very dangerous thing come pay day. Somebody hide the debit card!!!!!!! Also they have a free section out front where they put what they could not sell and some people will come and put stuff of their own out there! It is amazeballs and I love it to death!!!!!!!

2- Thrift stores and garage sales: these are also really great places to find books because they are usually very, very cheap. Think like the $1 and under price range. I can find some really great books but I do have to do some digging and be patient, however it does often pay off and I can get some really great reads!

3- Amazon and Powells: I love their online selection of new and used books and I can usually get some really great deals. Throw in the free shipping for orders over $35 on Amazon and $50 on Powells (which is not a hard price to hit if your me and you have a 50 page to read list) and you can get a really great deals on your must-have books.

4- Bookstores: well duh! I like the instant gratification of these stores. I go in, I get the book, I leave. There is no waiting for the book to come back in stock, however I do tend to have to pay a little bit more for these books. However, if it is a book that I want and they have it then how could I not buy it. I also check the in-store and online clearance section and can usually find some really great deals there.

5- Library: The good old library I can't forget thee. Free books for the win. The only problem is that I have to give them back, womp womp. I can usually find pretty much any book on my to-read list in the library it also gives me a safe option to try books that I normally would not read. I am a chicken and don't want to spend money on a book that I may not like. So, library for the win! Also I have had some libraries have an annual sale where I can in fact buy the books for very cheap. Once I got a book for free from this sale and then gave it to my dad as a birthday present. He is now hooked on William Least-Heat Moon (a personal favorite of mine) *insert evil snicker here*

6- Borrowing them from friends: I have to be careful with this one because we all have that friend/friends who just do not view books as the most sacred thing on this planet and will not treat our beloved book in such a way. You know who I am talking about those people who give you back a book with the spine broken, the pages dog-eared, water damaged, dirty, etc. Down with these people!!!!!!!! Off with their heads!!!!! However, if you have a friend/friends who understand then this can be a really great resource and will save you money, because we all know that money don't grow on trees yo!

7- E Reader or E books: While this does not carry the same magic as my beloved books being in my hot little hands it is much more economically efficient. Not only are the books cheaper and sometimes free but they also do not take up room. I will not have to buy more storage for the books that threaten to topple over on me and kill me (it could happen ya know). I have to say that I am grateful that my mom gave me her Kindle and I have enjoyed it immensely in the past few months.

8- Steal them!: Not that I am condoning theft of books in any way, but you know it is always an option. Not really though, please do not steal books that is wrong and just plain not nice!

If you guys have any other suggestions for how to get books please share with me and the rest of the interwebs world!

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